Easy Way to Share Files on Mutiple PC’s, Phones & Tablets

If you’re like me, you have multiple electronic devices: PC’s, laptops, tablet, smartphone, etc.  Sometimes I just need to get a file, photo or image to one or the other or all.  There’s lots of options for doing this, but one that is very simple and cross platform is DropBox.

Share files on all your devicesDropBox creates a folder on your PC or device.  Anything you drop into that folder will automatically show up on all your PC’s and/or devices (as long as they’re all connected to the internet).

You can create a free DropBox account with 2GB of storage.  You can also upgrade to fee based plans if you need more space.  www.DropBox.com

However, for myself, I just needed a way to get miscellaneous small files back and forth to my devices, so 2GB is plenty for me.  Plus, you can manage your storage space by deleting files once they’ve made it to their destination.

You can download the DropBox program and install it on your PC or Mac, and go to the appstore for your Android phone or tablet, or your Iphone or Ipad and install the app.  (also supports BlackBerry)  Set up all your devices with the same account and you now have an easy way to share files between your devices.

Additionally, if you’d like to share a file with family or friends, DropBox allows you to share files and folders and send invites via email.

You can also log in to your account on DropBox.com from anywhere and access your files.  This also means that your files are backed up on DropBox, just in case you lose them on your devices.

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