Just Like Your Car, Your Computer Needs Regular Tune-Ups Too…

When your car needs tuned up, you can usually tell because it runs bad, maybe even slower.

And what happens if you ignore it? It stops running!

Your computer needs regular tune-ups to keep it in tip-top shape too. With today’s advances in technology, we store more stuff on our computers than ever before. We download files from our high speed internet connections, including programs that may not be on the up-and-up. Moving, transferring, deleting all these files and programs can cause your computer to start running bad, maybe even slower.

And what happens if you ignore it?? Don’t wait to find out! Contact Us Today!


Don’t Let Those Retail Chain Repair & Electronic Stores Reformat Your PC!…

If you take your ailing PC to your local retail geek squarepants, they’re going to tell you to back up your data because most likely they are going to reformat your hard drive and re-install Windows without trying to determine whats wrong with your PC…

That means you will be losing all of your programs and data that you don’t back-up. That means you will have to find all those program CD’s and reinstall them yourself. And if you’ve customized those programs, and your Windows Operating System, you will lose that too. If you use Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, or any other Windows based email program for your email, you’d better know how to back them up and restore them to your reformatted PC. Think of all those precious pictures and your favorite music and videos. Do you even know exactly where on your hard drive you store all those files?

At Comp-Inet Services, we research and evaluate your ailing PC to determine the best solution for you. That means attempting to pinpoint the problem to determine if we can get your PC back in it’s useable form without losing any data.  And, in the instance where your hard drive needs reformatting or replacement, we will take the necessary steps to backup your data* and restore it when complete. (However, in this day and age, it is very easy for you to keep backups using portable hard drives and/or the cloud.) *Data recovery depends on the condition of the hard drive. If it is damaged or in a non-readable state, it would have to be outsourced to a Data Recovery Clean Room Lab at additional cost.

99% of the PC’s we see are riddled with too many programs booting at once; usually including spyware, viruses, trojans, etc. These can usually be removed without having to reformat your PC. The few times we’ve had to reformat a PC or replace a hard drive were due to a lack of proper anti-virus, anti-spyware protection, or just plain hardware failure.

If your PC is sluggish, or doing things it’s not supposed to (or not doing things it’s supposed to), Contact Us before you decide to let someone reformat your PC and lose all your precious files. Your PC can usually be restored like new again. And, we will suggest additional upgrades to help you get the most out of your PC for years to come. (read more in Upgrades)



Why you need to protect your PC from Spyware…

  • Installs itself on your computer without your knowledgeSpyware
  • can keep track of your keystrokes to retrieve account #’s, credit card #’s, passwords, etc.
  • can track your internet surfing habits
  • can install any program it wants on your computer
  • can disable any program on your computer including anti-virus software
  • can install viruses on your computer
  • can delete files or your whole hard drive
  • can be used to steal your identity

If your computer is unprotected or is doing things you don’t intend it to do, or you’re just plain worried, Contact Us Today!