Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Software Swap

I’ve been a fan of Seagate’s FreeAgent drive due to the Seagate Manager Backup/Sync software that was included with the drive.  So much so that I have always referred them to my customers over their competition due to the ease of use of the software.

Recently, I’ve had customers calling me telling me that my recommendation of their drives for the software is worthless.  They tell me that there is no Seagate Manager software, only something called Memeo.

I have experience with Memeo as one of my commercial clients uses it for their NAT Backup Server (as it was  bundled with it).  My experience with it has not been great as it doesn’t seem to consistently perform as it should and is feature lacking in configuration.

So I called Seagate.  Spoke to a Tech Support Rep.  He advised me that all Seagate external consumer drives now come bundled with Memeo.  I told him that was unaccetable and that all my clients would be returning their drives.

Not only has Seagate bundled Memeo’s software with their drives, but it is ONLY A TRIAL!  You must pay extra money for it to continue backing up your files!  And, to make matters worse, the amount you have to pay for it depends on the level of backup you need.  You could pay as much as you paid for the drive!

Shame, shame, shame on you Seagate.  Entering into a revenue generating scheme with Memeo when your Seagate Manager software does everything and more than Memeo’s with incredible simplicity.  And when purchasing a backup device, THERE SHOULD BE NO NEED TO PAY EVEN MORE TO ACTUALLY USE THE BACKUP DEVICE!

The level of respect for large companies continues to go down the toilet.

Now, the (somewhat) good news.

The Tech Support Rep I spoke to told me that you can still get the Seagate Manager Software by calling Tech Support and requesting it.  After registering your device (make sure you have it in front of you, you will need the serial number), you will be given a link and an access code to download the software.

So much for Plug-N-Play.