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PC RepairWe Perform Many Services To Keep Your PC & Home Office Running Smoothly…

PC Repair - We aim to fix your PC problems and get your PC back to you in it’s useable form. We only re-format as a last resort. We’ve been building & repairing PC’s since 1985. Contact Us

PC Upgrades - Most people think that when their PC gets slow or troublesome, it’s time for a new one. If your PC needs more power or storage, we will upgrade your PC with exactly what you need. We will ask you a series of questions to determine exactly what type of upgrade you need. Contact Us

Hardware/Software troubleshooting - Error messages in Windows don’t usually give you enough information to know what is going on with your computer. We will troubleshoot your PC based on your usage history to determine what is happening. Contact Us

Printer, Scanner, Digital & Video Camera Installation and Configuration

Broadband/DSL Connection and Setup

Home Network SetupHome or Small Office Network Setup (Wireless and Wired) – Most homes now have multiple PC’s and/or laptops that need to share the internet, and/or printers. Networking them together allows you to share all your devices, including sharing your files between your PC’s. We will get you connected and secure your network from intruders. Contact Us

Operating System Installation/Upgrading

Virus and Spyware Removal - When your PC gets riddled with Spyware, Trojans or Viruses, it becomes annoying if not un-useable. And, you risk having your personal information stolen and possibly lose the contents of your hard drive. Contact Us today to have your computer cleaned of these potentially hazardous threats and take control of your PC again. We provide Spyware/Virus removal, prevention and education.

Printer Service - Before you decide to buy a new printer, let us look at your troubled printer to see if it is salvageable. Contact Us

PC & Laptop Parts and Hardware Sales

Personal PC Training - Need help learning how to use your PC and software packages? We can give you personal one on one training. Contact Us.

Computer TrainingMP3 / Ipod Training - Learn how to use your MP3 player with your PC. We will also train you on how to RIP your CD music collection to MP3′s to create a digital music collection, as well as teach you how to transfer your music to your MP3 player and create playlists. Contact Us

Digital Music through your Stereo / Home Theater System - Don’t like listening to your music through your computer or laptop’s inferior speakers? Is your computer and stereo/theater system in separate rooms? Now that you’ve gone digital with your music, we can get you connected to your stereo/theater system no matter where they’re located from each other. Contact Us today to start enjoying your music to it’s fullest through your home stereo/theater system.

Brand New, Used and Custom PCs - Most people purchase a low priced PC thinking it will handle all their needs only to find out that they cannot accomplish their expectations. We will ask you a series of questions to determine exactly the type of PC you need to accomplish your goals as well as help you find and get the best price. We also build custom PC’s for those situations where an off-the-shelf PC cannot handle your needs, such as high end audio editing or video editing, to name a few. Contact Us

Database Consulting - Design custom databases using MS Access with custom user interface. We can also do data file conversions to multiple formats to interface with other programs. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Internet Services - Domain Registration, Web Server/Email Server Setup & Configuration, Simple Web Pages. Contact Us

If you have a business and don’t have a web page, you are losing out on one of the easiest ways to market yourself.
Does your business have an email address ending in,,,, or something else except your business name? Do you have a website but still use a different email address? If so, all you are doing is advertising these other companies instead of your own. We can help you get set up on the web and have an email address that ends in By having your own company website, you can send out links or advertise your company website’s name using your company’s email address. And after your website has been indexed by the search engines, people can find you much easier. And remember, by giving out your email address, people already know how to access your website!

On-Site and Drop-Off Services