Change Windows 11 Start Menu back to Windows 10

Windows 11 Start Menu
Windows 11 Start Menu

While many people may like the new Windows 11 Start Menu, others like myself prefer the Windows 10 Start Menu. Whatever the thought process was at Microsoft when “upgrading” to Windows 11, it definitely wasn’t productivity oriented as they removed all of the productivity features of the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Default Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 Start Menu – new PC or fresh install

If you would like to use the Windows 10 style Start Menu, the only way to currently do so is to download Start11 from I’ve done it and very happy I did.

(note: there was a Windows registry edit available to change the Start Menu back without installing or purchasing anything, but after people started implementing it, Microsoft removed it in the current version of Windows 11)

Customized Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 Start Menu customized

I’ve installed Stardock’s products on many PC’s in the past as far back as when Windows 8 did away with the Start Menu altogether, and have had no issues whatsoever or complaints from any clients.

At the time of this post, there is a 30 day free trial (without a credit card or account), then $5.99 for a single license, or $14.99 for 5 licenses. Very reasonable.

Click here to get it: Start11

Update 11/2022 – It seems that Microsoft is now using the Windows 11 Start Menu as a revenue generating advertising space. Many news and tech sites are reporting this. Check out this Ghacks article: Microsoft is turning Windows 11’s Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system.