Send Email to Text Message

Have you ever wanted to send or forward an email to someone as a text message to their mobile phone?

All you need to know besides their phone number is their mobile carrier.

Mobile carriers have something called SMS Gateways that essentially allow text messages to be received at an email address created from the phone number. For instance, if you wanted to send an email-as-text to an AT&T subscriber with the phone number of 305-555-1212, the email address you would use would look like:

Remember that text messages are limited to up to 160 characters. If your email is longer than that, your recipient will receive a truncated version of what you sent. Or, depending on the carrier, they will receive several truncated messages.

Also, remember that text messages are just that, text. Embedded images, photos or attachments will not go through.

The list below has the most common carriers gateways:


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