How to use Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft onedrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that is included with all of the following Microsoft accounts:,, It is also included with any Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which may be attached to any of the previous accounts. Additionally, it is included when initializing a new Windows installation or PC and creating a Microsoft account (with any email address).

With the exception of Office 365, Microsoft includes 5GB of free OneDrive storage with any of the previously mentioned accounts, with the ability to upgrade storage sizes. Office 365 subscriptions include 1TB of storage per user, with the ability to upgrade storage sizes in its Enterprise subscriptions.

OneDrive makes it possible to not only backup the files on your PC offsite to the cloud, but also access them anywhere from any device. Even devices that are not your own.

The video below explains how to get OneDrive, and how to use it on any device.

OneDrive Tips & Tricks