Spring Cleaning for your PC

PC’s and Laptops have components inside that produce heat, and therefore require fans to cool them. As the fans are circulating and exhausting the hot air from your computer, there is also air entering your computer. The air basically enters through any vent or opening it can. Just as it is necessary to dust and vacuum your home or office, the same is true for the inside of your computer as the air that enters it contains the same dirt, dust and pet hair.

The accumulation can clog the vent holes necessary for cooling air flow, as well as clog heat senstive parts such as the CPU fan & heatsink, the video fan & heatsink, the power supply ventilation holes, and every other part inside the computer. The PC pictured left is completely matted with dust, dirt and pet hair. You would not be able to see this behind the PC’s faceplate. This obviously is obstructing the main entry point of air flow which will not allow the PC to cool properly.

Needless to say, this can cause many problems from shortening the life of your computer, to erratic computer behavior to burning out your CPU. The picture to the right is the heatsink from a laptop that was discarded as broken. After cleaning the dust clogging the vents, the laptop booted up and is still running perfectly years later.

The CPU heatsink to the left was so clogged with dirt that the PC was constantly freezing up and giving erratic blue screen error messages. After it was cleaned and reinstalled, the PC worked perfectly fine.

Don’t wait for your computer or laptop to become clogged inside and start giving you problems. Or, worse yet, kill your computer.

It is not recommended that you take on this task yourself as you risk damaging sensitive parts inside your computer.

Call The PC TuneUp Guy today and have your computer or laptop cleaned and Tuned Up to Tip-Top Shape®.